About Service

Our MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) solutions optimize building systems for efficiency, safety, and sustainability. With a focus on quality and compliance, we deliver comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

  • Plumbing Work:

    Our services include installation and maintenance of water supply and drainage systems. We prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability, providing cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions.

  • Fire Safety, Detection, and Protection:

    We offer comprehensive fire safety solutions, including detection systems, fire suppression systems, and fireproofing materials. Our solutions meet local codes, protecting your property and occupants during emergencies.

  • Electrical Work:

    We cover all aspects of building electrical systems, from installation to wiring and lighting. Our solutions comply with safety standards, providing reliable and energy-efficient systems.

    Trust our expertise in MEP solutions to optimize your building's systems, ensuring functionality, efficiency, and safety for the long term.

We are Happy to Work With:

  • Eslite Garments (BD) Co. Ltd (Testing, Commissioning of Fire Protection & Addressable Fire Detection System)
  • ACE Apparel Limited (Electrical & Fire Drawing, Design; Testing, Commissioning of Fire Protection & Addressable Fire Detection System)
  • Global Fit (BD) Limited (Testing, Commissioning of Fire Protection & Addressable Fire Detection System)
  • Mamiya OP (BD) Ltd. (Electrical & Mechanical Work )

Our Team

Rakesh Pal

Manager (MEP)

Mashrun Hoque

Electrical Design Engineer

Md. Abdullah Al Maruf

Electrical & Fire Designer

G.N.M. Mushfiqur Mubin

Sr. Project Engineer

Md. Asadullahil Galib

Project Engineer

Work Experience

Other Project
S/L Clients Work Description Project Location Status
1 Grow More Consultant Structural, Electrical , Mechanical and Drainage Solution Design of the landscaping area Inani Beach, Cox's Bazar running